Stray Kids Hyunjin & Changbin talked about NMIXX ! Check their V Live ♪

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Stray Kids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids won the KINGDOM and is expected to play an active role in 2022.

On February 22, NMIXX debuted from the same JYP Entertainment as Stray Kids.

Yesterday, Stray Kids Hyunjin and Changbin talked about NMIXX on V Live!

This is the V Live broadcasted by Stray Kids Hyunjin and Changbin.

Following “2 Kids Room”, Hyunjin and Changbin’s talks were interesting.

About NMIXX, Hyunjin and Changbin said “proud juniors” , “really talented”.

Hyunjin and Changbin praised NMIXX’s ability, and I can feel their wonderful relationship!

In “Weekly Idol”, NMIXX danced Stray Kids’ “Thunderous”.

Let’s see that too ♪