What reason Jinni leave from NMIXX? It’s a sad news for NSWER.

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NMIXX belonging to JYP Entertainment.

NMIXX released “O.O” and “DICE”, and their performance at 2022 MAMA was amazing.

It was announced today, December 9th, that Jinni leaves from NMIXX.

JYP Entertainment has made an official announcement regarding Jinni.

It was reported that Jinni leaves NMIXX and terminate her exclusive contract with JYP entertainment.

The sudden news has shocked NSWER around the world.

The reason that Jinni leaves from NMIXX is personal circumstances.

Jinni was in charge of the intro of “O.O” and the chorus of “DICE”.

The detailed reason for Jinni’s leaving from NMIXX has not been revealed, but I hope that Jinni and NMIXX members will shine in their own ways.