What’s meaning of New Jeans “Ditto” ? I’m curious about the lyrics!


New Jeans belonging to ADOR.

New Jeans has just debuted, but they already released popular songs such as “Attention” and “Hype Boy”.

On December 12th, New Jeans’ new song “Ditto” was announced!

This is a tweet about “Ditto” posted on New Jeans’ official Twitter account.

New Jeans will release a new album “OMG” on January 2, 2023, and it seems that “Ditto” will be released in advance.

A rabbit snowman is so cute😆

I wonder what “Ditto” means!

“Ditto” seems to have the same meaning as “Me too”.

Another tweet posted a video of a card about New Jeans “Ditto.”

It seemed like the lyrics of “Ditto”.

“Ditto” will be released on December 19th and will likely be New Jeans’ first winter song!

Don’t miss the MV of New Jeans “Ditto”♪