New Jeans Hyein is a fan of TXT Yeonjun and BTS! ? Hyein’s dance is cool!

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New Jeans
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New Jeans will debut from the HYBE label.

The pre-orders for New Jeans’ debut album have broken the record for a KPOP girl group.

New Jeans member, Hyein once appeared on a YouTube program!

This is a video of Hyein posted on New Jeans’ official Twitter.

Hyein is the youngest member(maknae) of New Jeans, and it is said that she was born in 2008.

And it seems that Hyein was a member of YouTube’s “Pocket TV” and was active from February 2019 to May 2021.

SUB) K-POP 아이돌을 꿈꾸는 🎵만능 퓨처 아이돌지망생의 일상 브이로그(VLOG) [놀아줘클럽] | NewJeans 뉴진스 혜인
대한민국 아이돌지망생의 하루는 어떨까?미래의 아이돌을 꿈꾸는 친구의 방,베이킹 실력, 댄스 트레이닝까지!평범한듯 특별한 하루지금 만나보아요~-------------------------------------------------▶Instagram @playwithme_club---...

In the video previously posted on YouTube, Hyein’s daily life aiming to become a KPOP idol was recorded.

There were BTS’s merchandise, and Hyein seemed to be ARMY.

It’s amazing to be able to debut from the same label as her favorite BTS, aiming to be a KPOP idol. DCaNIu7w2n4

And in an educational program called “BONIHANI”, Hyein co-starred with TXT.

Hyein seems to have been a fan of TXT Yeonjun, and their two-shot photo was also taken.

I’m looking forward to seeing Hyein’s activities at New Jeans😆

Let’s be sure to check out Hyein’s performance on New Jeans’ upcoming debut activities♪