Penlight of New Jeans is rabbit ! ? Like rabbit ears penlight is so cute!

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New Jeans
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New Jeans is popular all over the world.

New Jeans continues to have long hits such as “HYPE BOY” and “Attention”.

The official penlight for New Jeans has been released!

This is the video of the official penlight posted on New Jeans’ official Twitter.

New Jeans has just debuted, and penlights appeared immediately.

I’m wondering what the shape of New Jeans’ official penlight is.

The shape of New Jeans’ penlight that was released has a rabbit ear motif!

The official character of New Jeans is a rabbit, so it’s so cute penlight.

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The design of “N” and “J” representing New Jeans is also nice😆

I’d love to see this penlight shine on New Jeans’ stage one day♪