NewJeans Danielle’s Burberry airport fashion is so cute! She is a global ambassador of Burberry ♪

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New Jeans
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New Jeans Danielle is popular all over the world.

Danielle is loved for her cute and beautiful visuals, angelic smile and personality.

Today, January 6th, New Jeans left for Bangkok, Thailand to perform at the GDA (Golden Disc Awards)!


These are video and photos of New Jeans at the airport posted on KOREA DISPATCH’s official Instagram.

New Jeans made a comeback with their new album ‘OMG’ on January 2nd.

It’s already exploded in popularity since the beginning of the year.

Danielle wore Burberry clothes for this airport fashion!

Just today, it was decided that Danielle becomes a global ambassador for Burberry, and it has become a hot topic all over the world.

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