What’s age of BABYMONSTAR Haram? Introducing profile! Her Vocal is wonderful!


YG Entertainment has produced many popular artists.

BABYMONSTER is a 7-member girl group that will debut in 2023 from YG Entertainment.

Today, January 12th, the video of BABYMONSTER Haram has been released!

This is a video of BABYMONSTER Haram posted on YouTube.

A while ago, the first video about BABYMONSTER’s debut was released and has already become a hot topic around the world.

This is the first time that the video released about BABYMONSTER members performance.

Haram covered “Let Me Love You” and her singing ability was overwhelming!

Haram’s age is fifteen.

Let’s check out the videos of other BABYMONSTER members that will be released in the future♪