New Jeans Minji looks like StrayKids Hyunjin, BTS Taehyung(V)? Her side profile is so beautiful!

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New Jeans will debut from the HYBE label.

New Jeans’ debut album set a new record for Korean girl group, and has attracted attention from early on.

This time, I will introduce New Jeans Minji!

This is a video of Minji posted on New Jeans’ official Twitter account.

In the video of Minji Day, various appearances of Minji are recorded.

New Jeans members are still very mysterious, but they are cute!

Especially Minji’s side profile is so beautiful.

Many KPOP fans say that Minji’s face resembles StrayKids Hyunjin and BTS Taehyung(V)!

In New Jeans’ debut song “Attention”, Minji seems to be the main character in the MV, and her acting and performance are attractive😆

Be sure to check out what Minji will do in New Jeans’ upcoming debut activities♪