ENHYPEN Niki, TXT Yeonjun dance with New Jeans! “Hype Boy”、”Cookie” dance is cool!


New Jeans debuted from the HYBE label.

New Jeans appeared on a music show and performed ‘Attention’, ‘Hype Boy’ and ‘Cookie’.

New Jeans and HYBE idol dance challenge has been released!

NewJeans (@newjeans_official) 공식 TikTok | TikTok 동영상 시청

First of all, in this TikTok, TXT Yeonjun and New Jeans Haerin, Danielle, and Hani danced “Cookie” together.

Since Yeonjun is MC for Inkigayo, it seems that New Jeans collaborated when they appeared.

Yeonjun’s dance is so cool!

NewJeans (@newjeans_official) 공식 TikTok | TikTok 동영상 시청

Next, here is ENHYPEN Niki and New Jeans Minji & Hyein’s dance challenge.

They danced “Hype Boy” of New Jeans, Niki was really good at dancing!

Niki danced perfectly as if ENHYPEN song, and they danced in perfect harmony.

In addition, ENHYPEN Sunoo danced New Jeans’ “Attention” together, so let’s check it out♪