Is Hanni the main character? amnesia? NewJeans “OMG” MV becomes a hot topic!

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New Jeans
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New Jeans belonging to ADOR.

New Jeans has a series of hit songs such as “Attention” and “Hype Boy”.

On January 2nd, the MV for New Jeans’ new song “OMG” was released!

This is the MV for New Jeans “OMG” released on YouTube.

The pre-release song “Ditto” was a wonderful song, so “OMG” was also expected.

Watching the “OMG” MV, it seems that New Jeans members have become amnesiacs!

In the beginning, Hanni was the main character, and she recognized herself as an iPhone.

The other members are also strange, Haerin is like a cat and Hyein is like a princess.

Danielle knew they were New Jeans, and Minji was acting as a doctor.

The appearance of bear and the paintings Haerin drew were also mysterious.

The MV is difficult to understand just by watching it once, so you’ll want to watch it again and again!

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“OMG”‘s performance and New Jeans’ outfits were also great!

Be sure to check out New Jeans’ comeback activities with “OMG” starting now♪