New Jeans Minji and Hanni appeared on BTS “Permission to Dance” MV ! ? PTD girls will be debut ♪

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New Jeans debuts from HYBE’s new label ADOR.

As a girl group produced by Min Heejin, New Jeans is attracting attention from all over the world.

Yesterday, July 22nd, the MV for “Attention” by New Jeans was released, and their high level performance has become a hot topic.

Some New Jeans members have appeared in the music video for “Permission to Dance” of BTS!

This is the MV for BTS “Permission to Dance”.

“Permission to Dance” is a song filled with positive messages, and dance is fun.

Two high school girls who remove their masks in the second half of the MV are Minji and Hanni from New Jeans! (Around 3 minutes 18 seconds)

Since the music video for “Permission to Dance” was released, it was rumored that the two girls were HYBE trainees, and they finally made their debut as New Jeans.

In the MV for “Attention”, the dance of Minji and Hanni was beautiful 😆

Let’s check out what kind of activities Minji and Hanni will be doing in New Jeans ♪