NewJeans collaborates with McDonald’s! Chicken burger looks delicious !

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New Jeans
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New Jeans belonging to ADOR.

NewJeans has released many hit songs such as ‘Attention’, ‘Hype Boy’ and ‘Ditto’.

Recently, a collaboration between New Jeans and McDonald’s has become a hot topic among KPOP fans! QEZSigcGokE

This is NewJeans’ video posted on Korea McDonald’s YouTube.

After it was announced that McDonald’s and NewJeans would collaborate, attention was focused all over the world.

I was looking forward to what kind of menu will be sold.

In this video, NewJeans members were eating delicious McDonald’s burgers!

It was like a burger with chicken in it 😆

It looks so delicious that I want to try it in Korea!

Don’t miss the collaboration menu of NewJeans and McDonald’s♪