New Jeans 6! ? new member? “Ditto” MV is a hot topic♪

New Jeans

New Jeans debuted in 2022 from ADOR.

New Jeans will be making a comeback with the new album ‘OMG’, and it’s getting a lot of attention.

The other day, the MV teaser for “Ditto” was released!

This is the MV teaser for New Jeans “Ditto” released on YouTube.

Starting with a mysterious singing voice, I felt a mysterious atmosphere.

There was a scene where the New Jeans members were running in a school.

New Jeans members were running happily, but when I counted their legs, there were 6 legs!

New Jeans members are 5, so there is one more member.

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“New Jeans 6” is written in the title, and the 6th member is a hot topic!

Some of the fans seemed think she is a new member .

Let’s check out New Jeans “Ditto” music video♪