The last scene is amazing! ? NewJeans “OMG” MV became a hot topic!

New Jeans

New Jeans belonging to ADOR.

New Jeans is a popular group with a unique concept that is different from other idols.

On January 2nd, the MV for New Jeans’ new song “OMG” was released!

This is the MV for New Jeans “OMG” released on YouTube.

The first thing that attracts you is the title “OMG”.

It was a mysterious MV story in which New Jeans members were in a psychiatric ward.

There are various theories about each character.

It seems that many of the fans who watched the “OMG” MV were shocked at the ending of the MV!

Minji was talking to someone trying to make a malicious tweet about the MV.

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It was a masterpiece that made me want to watch the MV over and over again.

Let’s check out the performance of New Jeans members at “OMG”♪