What’s meaning of “Adilla kia akia syurapoe”? The lyrics of Seventeen “Spell” are a hot topic!


SEVENTEEN is a popular boys group consisting of 13 members.

SEVENTEEN released their best album “17 IS RIGHT HERE” and won first place on various music shows.

This time, I will introduce the meaning of the lyrics of “Spell” sung by SEVENTEEN’s performance team!

This is the music video for “Spell” sung by SEVENTEEN’s performance team, which was released on YouTube.

The dance performance of Jun, Hoshi, THE 8, and Dino is sexy and cool 😆

The lyrics of “Spell” include “Adilla kia akia syurapoe.”

Many CARAT are wondering what the spell “Adilla kia akia syurapoe” means.

It’s probably a meaningless phrase, and it’s thought to be connected to the lyrics “Cast a spell in a language only we know.”

Let’s check out the music video for SEVENTEEN “Spell”♪