SEVENTEEN’s first performance of “Fearless”! Jeonghan’s part is a topic !!

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SEVENTEEN has released their new album “Heng: garæ”.

Sales of “Heng: garæ” have surpassed the million sellers.

Such Seventeen has unveiled the “Fearless” stage for the first time in the “Heng: garæ” comeback show!

This is the SEVENTEEN “Fearless” stage that was unveiled at the comeback show.

You heard that “Fearless” was closely related to the previous song, “Fear”.

The first Vernon was really cool.

The lyrics to “Because I’m fearless” by crimax were impressive!

The powerful performance was really cool.

Jeonghan’s part was talked about!

Jeonghan sang the phrase that appears in the lyrics of “Fear” on “Fearless”!

The performance of falling on his back also had an impact.

The ending in “Fearless” was Joshua.

Joshua was surrounded by the members and was the center, so he was really cool.

It was a wonderful stage full of highlights.

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The stage of SEVENTEEN “Fearless” that was unveiled for the first time.

It was a cool performance that you can feel the connection with “Fear”.

Please check it out!