Black design! ? SEVENETEN’s lightstick version 3 is cute !


SEVENTEEN, a popular 13-member boy group.

In 2022, SEVENTEEN will hold a world tour and is becoming more and more popular.

On February 17th, version 3 of SEVENTEEN’s official penlight, CARAT stick, will be released!

This is a notice about CARAT stick version 3 posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter.

Up until now, SEVENTEEN’s light sticks have been sold up to version 2.

It is a penlight with an impressive jewel that represents CARAT.

The newly released version 3 of SEVENTEEN’s light stick is black !

Compared to versions 1 and 2, the design was chic and cool.

There are also 13 diamonds that represent SEVENTEEN members, which is nice😆

I can’t wait to see how the version 3 of SEVENTEEN’s light stick actually shines, and I’m looking forward to SEVENTEEN’s live performances in the future♪