SEVENTEEN Joshua’s eyebrow piercing and Dino’s lip ring are a hot topic! “Rush of Love” concept trailer released!

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SEVENTEEN will make a comeback with the new album “Attacca” on October 22nd.

The poster for “Attacca” was released, and the dark concept became a hot topic.

Today, September 29th, the concept trailer “Rush of Love” was released!

This is “Attacca” Concept Trailer: Rush of Love posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter account.

First, “BOY HOOD” was projected, and SEVENTEEN members have appeared one after another .

Joshua’s eyebrow piercing and Dino’s lip ring were the focus of attention!

Joshua’s eyebrow piercing might be a sticker, but it fits well with the concept of “Rush of Love”.

The other SEVENTEEN members were also really cool, so please check it out ♪