August 8th is the birthday of SEVENTEEN S.COUPS! Introducing the charm of a reliable leader !!

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Quote from:SEVENTEEN twitter
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SEVENTEEN, whose sales of the new album “Heng:garae” have achieved million sales.

The title song “Left & Right” was also a big hit.

It’s a song that is bright and exciting, and it was the perfect song in the world today.

August 8th is the birthday of S.COUPS, the leader of SEVENTEEN!

Born August 8, 1995, S.COUPS is 25 years old.

S.COUPS when he was a child is also very cute.

Somehow the current S.COUPS look can be felt.

S.COUPS has organized a great group SEVENTEEN as a leader.

S.COUPS is in charge of the rap part.

In the new song “Left & Right”, S.COUPS’s enjoyable performance was seen.

His performance make you feel better.

S.COUPS’s rap was also cool.

S.COUPS was temporarily suspended, so fans were worried.

Fans were relieved that S.COUPS returned safely.

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SEVENTEEN’s reliable leader, S.COUPS.

CARATs all over the world were celebrating S.COUPS’s birthday.

We will continue to support S.COUPS, who continues to be active as SEVENTEEN♪