S.Coups’s long hair is cool! SEVENTEEN “Hot” MV was released!


SEVENTEEN is a popular KPOP idol group of 13 people.

The other day, SEVENTEEN released the English single “Darl + ing”, and the activities for overseas have attracted attention.

And today, on May 27th, the MV for SEVENTEEN’s new song “Hot” was released!

This is the MV of SEVENTEEN “Hot” released on YouTube.

So far, the “Hot” MV teaser has been released, and the cool performance of SEVENTEEN has been attracting attention.

Looking at the “Hot” MV released today, we could see SEVENTEEN’s powerful dance.

Unlike the sweet concept of “Darl+ing”, the cool lyrics were wonderful, as the title of “Hot” says!

Furthermore, the hair style change of SEVENTEEN members has become a hot topic!

In the “Hot” MV, the leader’s S.coups had long hair.

The hat looks good on S.coups, it’s like a different person 😆

Furthermore, THE 8 has red hair, and he is so cool.

SEVENTEEN finally made a comeback with a Korean song.

SEVENTEEN will show off the comeback stage of “Hot” at “Music Bank” that will be broadcast today.

Let’s check out what kind of live performance we can see ♪