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Jimin’s tears and Taehyung’s free hug! Introducing the contents of BTS MEMORIES OF 2019 !!

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BTS is a big success in the world.

BTS was planning to hold a world tour in 2020, but unfortunately it was postponed due to the coronavirus.

I would like to introduce “BTS MEMORIES OF 2019”!


This is a preview video of “BTS MEMORIES OF 2019”.

Various scenes were recorded the world tour.

The scene where Taehyung has a paper with “Free Hug” written against Jin became a hot topic!

The face of Taehyung waiting for Jin’s hug was cute!

Jin seemed to think it was a mission, but he was hugging properly.

Jin hugged Taehyung and Taehyung looked happy.

In addition, Kookmin’s hug was also a hot topic!

Jungkook was hugging from above on Jimin crying during the live.

The crying Jimin and the hugging Jung Kook were so cute.

In addition, “BTS MEMORIES OF 2019” contains a lot of highlights.

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“BTS MEMORIES OF 2019” that contains a record of the activities of World Star BTS in 2019.

ARMY definitely wants to get it!

Please check it out♪