SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s sexy costume is a topic! “Wonwoo” has entered the trend !!

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SEVENTEEN is back with a new song “Left&Right”.

SEVENTEEN has won first place in each music program.

SEVENTEEN who appeared in SBS Inkigayo on July 5th.

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s sexy outfit has become a hot topic!

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This is the stage of SEVENTEEN “Left&Right”, which was shown on SBS Inkigayo.

It was a fun stage as usual, but attention was paid to Woonwoo’s costume.

Wonwoo wore short tops, so we could see his stomach every time he danced.

And Wonwoo’s trained abdominal muscles became a hot topic, and “Wonwoo” became a global trend!

You can see Wonwoo’s popularity in that it will enter the trend.

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The new song “Left Right” is very popular SEVENTEEN.

At this stage, attention was focused on the trained WONWOO’s abs.

Please check it out♪