SEVENTEEN’s new song “My My” MV released! Pay attention to the cheerful lyrics!!

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Popular boys group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN is recognized as a self-produced idol.

The sales of the album have also recorded a great record.

Such SEVENTEEN has released a new song “My My” MV!

This is the MV of SEVENTEEN “My My” released at 12 am on June 12.

It was a wonderful MV that was like traveling in life.

“Fly over the sea, let’s spread the wings of your dreams. Nobody can decide how much happiness you can have, so it’s always enough without hurry. I’m the start of my journey.”

You can cheer up with the positive lyrics of SEVENTEEN!

The repeated phrase “My My” was also refreshing.

It’s a bright song that is perfect for starting a new life.

This song is for people who have various concerns.

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The MV of SEVENTEEN’s new song “My My” finally released.

“My My” was a bright and positive song like SEVENTEEN.

Please check it out!