SEVENTEEN DK and Joshua collaborate with Pink Sweat $ on “17” !!

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Quote from:SEVENTEEN twitter
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Korean 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN is also attracting attention as an idol who can create songs, choreograph, and so on.

SEVENTEEN’s DK and Joshua have released a collaboration song “17” with American singer Pink Sweat $!

This is a tweet about “17” posted on Pink Sweat $’s official Twitter account.

Pink Sweat $, DK, and Joshua’s sweet singing voice combined, and it was a wonderful song!

It’s a song that makes you feel good just by listening to it.

You can see how popular SEVENTEEN is by collaborating with popular artists in the world.

SEVENTEEN DK and Joshua also posted a post to commemorate the release of “17”!

The pink clothes look good on them, and it was a cute photo.

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The hashtag “SVTxPINKSWEATS_17” became a global trend right after “17” was released!

SEVENTEEN’s influence is wonderful.

I’m looking forward to the future activities of SEVENTEEN ♪