SEVENTEEN Jeonghan gives Vuitton slippers as a birthday present to S.Coups! Impressed by the friendship of 95z ♪

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Quote from:SEVENTEEN twitter
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13-member popular boy group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN made a comeback with “Ready to love” in 2021.

Today, August 8th is the birthday of SEVENTEEN leader S.Coups!

This is V Live by SEVENTEEN S.Coups on August 8th.

There is a birthday cake, and Hoshi also appeared a little.

What attracted attention was the birthday present that S.Coups received!

S.Coups got a Louis Vuitton slipper from Jeonghan and showed it on V Live.

It seemed that Jeonghan was embarrassed to give it directly to S.Coups, so he gave it as a gift through the manager.

I felt the friendship of 95z😆

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On August 8th, SEVENTEEN’s online fan meeting “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND” was held.

It was a special event for CARAT, and the V Live after that was also interesting!

I’m looking forward to SEVENTEEN’s future activities ♪

Happy Birthday S.Coups 🎉