Woozi wrote the lyrics of “Circles” for Wonwoo ! ? SEVENTEEN members cried.


SEVENTEEN, a popular 13-member boy group.

SEVENTEEN is a group with a strong bond, and all members have renewed their contracts.

In the dingo video released today, SEVENTEEN “Circles” is a hot topic!

This is the tweet of SEVENTEEN’s video posted on dingo’s official Twitter.

SEVENTEEN members drank alcohol together.

About “Circles,” Woozi said that he wrote the lyrics for Wonwoo, the members, CARAT, and himself.

I was moved by the tears of Woozi, who usually doesn’t cry so much.

While singing “Circles”, Seungkwan and Wonwoo are crying, and many CARAT also cried 😭

When you read the lyrics again after knowing Woozi’s thoughts in “Circles,” you’ll cry even more.

From this video, I can see that SEVENTEEN is the wonderful group.

Someday, I’d like to hear SEVENTEEN sing “Circles” live♪