SEVENTEEN’s new song “Left & Right” MV released! Check out the bright and positive lyrics !!

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SEVENTEEN is a very popular boy group in Korea.

SEVENTEEN is popular for its high quality performance and unique character.

SEVENTEEN’s new album “Heng: garæ” has finally been released!

The MV of the title song “Left&Right” of “Heng: garæ” has been released, so I would like to introduce the highlights.

This is the MV of SEVENTEEN “Left&Right” released at 6pm on June 22nd.

“Left&Right” was talked about from the teaser video.

The “Left&Right” challenge was exciting at TikTok.

You could see many unique SEVENTEEN performances on MV.

It was a chic atmosphere in “Fear” where SEVENTEEN was active last time, but this time “Left&Right” was a bright atmosphere!

The phrase and dance of “Left&Right” by crimax was interesting.

“We’re not alone, we’re us, so don’t be afraid Yeh”

“Let’s go together, more surely follow me without worry”

The bright lyrics were also wonderful.

At the end of the MV, a car with S.COUPS was being launched towards the sky, but after the crash, S.COUPS was dancing the “Left & Right” dance again.

It was a spectacular MV until the end.

I really wanted to see the performance live.

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The MV of SEVENTEEN’s new song “Left&Right” finally released.

It was a bright and pop song like SEVENTEEN.

The point was the crimax.

Please check it out!