Collaboration between SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X! “Left&Right” Challenge by Hoshi and I.M is a hot topic! Also “FANTASIA” dance !!


SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X, who are close to each other and famous for their good friends.

It’s a cool combination!

Such SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X collaborated in the “Left&Right” challenge!


FANTASIA Ver. @monsta_x_514 ##LeftRightChallenge ##SEVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

This is the “Left&Right” challenge posted on TikTok.

SEVENTEEN Hoshi and MONSTA X’s I.M were performing “FANTASIA” together!

It was a new “Left&Right” challenge.

The fashion worn by them was also cute.

It was also interesting to see Wonwoo making a good sign at the end !

Is all three of them going to the same training gym?

I was interested.

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SEVENTEEN Hoshi and MONSTA X’s I.M collaborated “Left&Right” challenge.

Their “FANTASIA” dances were seen.

Please check it out!