KangDaniel’s SEVENTEEN “Left & Right” Challenge! Woozi and Hoshi together !!

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SEVENTEEN’s “Left&Right” challenge, which has recently become popular in Korea.

A lot of idols such as MONSTA X, NU’EST and Chungha are taking on challenges.

WannaOne’s center, Kang Daniel, also posted the “Left&Right” challenge!


👈🏻강다니엘👉🏻 15초CUT 역시는역시💯 ##LeftRightChallenge @konnect_kangdaniel

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

This is Kang Daniel’s “Left&Right” Challenge posted on TikTok.

Woozi and Hoshi were dancing together!

Kang Daniel has long been known to be good friends with Woozi.

It was a fun post because we could still see two good friends.

“Left&Right” choreography was also cute!

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Kang Daniel and SEVENTEEN .

Two big “Left & Right” challenges were valuable videos.

Please check it out♪