EXO Xiumin, D.O. and Wanna One Jison, Hong Gi !! The military musical “Return” is too gorgeous! !!


Global idol EXO.

Currently, D.O. and Xiu Min are enlisted.

EXO Xiumin, D.O., Wanna One Jisung, and FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi will be introduced to the military musical “Return”!

The fans were happy to see D.O. singing after a long absence.

It was also impressive that Xiumin and D.O. were performing together as a musical.

By all means, the performers were Wanna One Jisung and FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi, and it was a gorgeous musical.

I was also surprised at how many idols were enlisted at the same time.

It was a legendary musical.

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EXO Xiumin, D.O., WannaOne Jisung, FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi musical “Return”.

I’m lonely that I can’t meet while they are in the squad, but I’m happy to see a rare musical.

I’m glad I could hear the singing voice after a long time♪