Youngmin also appears! AB6IX releases new song “THE ANSWER” MV! Produced by ZICO is a topic !!

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AB6IX to which Woojin and Daehwi of WannaOne belong.

The other day, a member, YoungMin, left the group due to a problem with drunk driving.

Leader withdrawal had a big impact on fans.

Although the release of the new album was postponed, the new album “VIVID” of AB6IX was finally released on June 29.

The MV of the title song “THE ANSWER” has also been released, so let’s introduce it!

AB6IX (에이비식스) '답을 줘 (THE ANSWER)' M/V

This is the MV of AB6IX’s new song “THE ANSWER” released at 18:00 on June 29th.

“THE ANSWER” was produced by ZICO, so it was a hot topic before it was announced.

It was a MV with a ruffled and funky atmosphere!

The title song was perfect for the album name “VIVID”.

Young Min who left AB6IX also appeared in the MV, which was a valuable MV!

It was cool from the beginning of Woojin’s “Attention please”.

The phrase “What’s the answer?” by climax was impressive.

The title song of AB6IX has been composed by member Daehwi until now, but this album was a new challenge.

The tags of ZICO and AB6IX were amazing!

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AB6IX made a comeback with the new song “THE ANSWER”.

It was an MV where I could feel the appeal of the new AB6IX.

You talked about it in collaboration with ZICO.

I’m sorry that Youngmin isn’t there, but I’m still supporting the success of AB6IX♪

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