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EXO Chen covers Park Hyo Shin “숨(breath)”!!

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EXO Chen, who announced his marriage and became a hot topic all over the world.

His first child was born the other day.

Because there is little activity as EXO, I was worried about the situation of Chen.

Such EXO Chen covered Park Hyo Shin “숨(breath)”!

Cover by CHEN – '숨' (박효신)

This is the cover video of Park Hyoshin “숨(breath)” by EXO Chen posted on YouTube on June 24th.

Chen has often posted cover videos on YouTube until now, but recently he hasn’t covered much, so posting Chen after a long time has become a hot topic. See you!

The cover song of Chen was still nice.

The emotional Chen song was wonderful.

This is EXO’s main vocal.

I hope Chen will continue to post many cover videos.

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EXO Chen covered Park Hyo Shin “숨(breath)”.

Chen’s post has been a hot topic for a long time, and “JONGDAE” and “CHEN” have entered the trend.

EXO has a great influence!

Please check it out!