Happy Chanyeol Day! Fans from all over the world celebrated EXO Chanyeol’s birthday !!

Quote from:EXO twitter

Legendary idol EXO .

EXO has achieved a million seller many times so far.

November 27th is EXO Chanyeol’s birthday!

Born November 27, 1992, Chanyeol is 28 years old.

In 2020, Chanyeol worked as EXO-SC with Sehun.

Chanyeol’s birthday was celebrated not only in Korea but all over the world!

This is EXO Chanyeol’s birthday ad that was played in the New York Times.

A cup holder event is also held at the cafe, which is for Chanyeol fans.

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EXO’s Chen joined the army , and four members from EXO are currently enlisted.

It’s a pity that EXO members are joining the army one after another, but I’m looking forward to Xiumin’s discharge soon!

I’m looking forward to the comeback as EXO ♪

Happy Birthday Chanyeol 🎉