Introducing the profile of EXO Chen! Real name, personality, birthday, blood type, height, family, marriage, educational background !!

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EXO CHEN profile


Real name: Kim Jong Dae

Hangul name: 김종대

Birth date: September 21, 1992

Birthplace: Born in Daejeon, Korea, and raised in Seongdong-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

Blood type: B type

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Family: parents, brother

Educational background: Siheung Seong High School

Top class singer

[풀버전] 여자 원키로 부르는 '명품 보컬' 첸(CHEN)의 'Tears'♪ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 85회

EXO’s main vocal, Chen.

Chen is said to be one of the best KPOP artists to sing.

Chen has especially beautiful high notes, and is in charge of the high notes part of EXO songs.

There are many EXO songs such as “Wolf” and “Monster” that use the high notes of Chen, but the one that I personally thought was “Drop That”.

“Drop That” is a single coupling released in Japan, but it has been shown at MAMA as a lively song.

The high-pitched art sung by Chen is incredibly cool, so please check it out!

Gentleman friendly to everyone


Chen is known for his gentle character.

EXO member Kai also spends his time with Chen and has never had any unpleasant feelings.

A woman who couldn’t speak at an autograph session asked in writing, but Chen seemed to give his a gentle smile and fan service without changing his complexion.

After that, the woman told us on social media that she was moved by Chen’s kindness.

A wonderful episode that conveys the kindness of Chen just by listening!

Chen’s kindness is oozing from his smile.

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