BTS appears in VOGUE JAPAN August issue! Photos with outstanding visuals are hot topics !!

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BTS is active worldwide.

BTS is very popular in Japan, and BTS’s new song “Stay Gold”, which was released the other day, is already a hot topic.

Such BTS will appear in the August issue of VOGUE JAPAN!

This is a picture of the BTS featured in the August issue of VOGUE JAPAN.

Because it’s a fashion magazine, BTS members wore fashionable fashion!

Everyone was too cool.

ARMY all over the world was enthusiastic about the visual images of BTS, which is extremely destructive.

There was BTS V in a white costume in the center, which was a hot topic.

He looked like a prince.

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS is getting a lot of attention from the fashion world.

BTS in VOGUE JAPAN August issue was too cool.

Please check it out!