EXO Kai collaborates with GUCCI! The bear (teddy bear) -themed design is too cute!

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Quote from:EXO KAI instagram
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EXO’s main dancer Kai.

Kai is also active as SuperM, and his excellent dance ability is attracting attention.

This time, I will introduce the products that Kai and GUCCI collaborated with!

This is a collaboration video of Kai and GUCCI posted on YouTube.

The collaboration goods with GUCCI were designed with bears (teddy bears), and they were all cute items.

Fashion items include sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts, and sneakers, and GUCCI’s design is cool !

There are other items that you can use every day, such as bags, card cases, and long wallets.

It’s a GUCCI product, so it’s expensive, but it’s a valuable collaboration with Kai, so fans will want to get it 😎

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It’s EXO’s Kai to be able to collaborate with the world-famous brand GUCCI!

In Seoul, South Korea, a pop-up store of “KAI x Gucci” was held, and Kai himself actually visited.

A big bear balloon has appeared, and it’s a spot that looks great on Instagram!

Photos are posted on Kai’s official Instagram, so be sure to check them out too ♪