TWICE Momo has released a selfie taken with the app! Focus on the cute pink cheeks !! #BAZAAR

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TWICE has successfully completed the new song “MORE & MORE”.

TWICE also won the 100th place in 1st place.

It will become more and more popular.

This time, I would like to introduce the cute selfie photos that TWICE Momo posted on Instagram!

This is a selfie of Momo posted on TWICE’s official Instagram.

“I took a picture with the app, but it’s not a joke…lol”she posted with

and comments.

Her cute pink cheeks were cute selfies!

Momo said she wasn’t kidding, but it was a cute selfie photo.

It looks like a photo taken at BAZAAR, a magazine featuring TWICE.

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A cute selfie photo posted by TWICE Momo.

Momo’s photos are always cute.

I’m looking forward to the next post♪