EXO Kai and TWICE Momo danced “Set Me Free”! ? NCT Jungwoo also participated ♪


EXO Kai made a comeback with his new song ‘Rover’.

The song is full of Kai’s dance, and the dance challenge is exciting.

Today, March 18th, Kai participated TWICE’s “Set Me Free” dance challenge!

This is EXO Kai and Momo’s “Set Me Free” dance challenge posted on TWICE’s official Twitter.

I was really surprised that Kai and TWICE collaborated.

It was a collaboration between the two main dancers in each group, and it was a wonderful dance!

Momo’s dance, of course, Kai dancing was really cool😆

Not only Kai, but also NCT Jungwoo danced “Set Me Free” with TWICE Nayeon, Chaeyoung, and Jeongyeon.

Jungwoo dancing happily was cute😆

Let’s check it out♪