August 8th is WayV Xiaojun’s birthday! Active as the main vocal of WayV !!

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Quote from:WayV instagram
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NCT is promoting global activities.

There are various units in NCT, and WayV is mainly active in China.

WayV members often come from China.

August 8th is the birthday of WaV’s Xiaojun!

Born August 8, 1999, Xiaojun became 21 years old.

Xiaojun is main vocalist on WayV.

He is really good at singing.

You can also hear Xiaojun’s powerful vocals on WayV’s new song “Bad Alive”.

Dance is also a powerful and cool song!

I am glad to see many activities in Korea.

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Xiaojun, the main vocalist of WayV.

He focuses on activities at WayV, but I want to see collaboration with other NCT members one day!

Happy Birthday Xiaojun! !!