Sungchan’s rap at his first MV is a hot topic! NCT2020 「90s Love」 MV was released !!

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NCT 2020 made a comeback with the new album “RESONANCE Pt.2”.

Ten, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, Jeno, Yangyang, and Sungchan participate in the title song “90’s Love”.

The MV of NCT 2020’s new song “90’s Love” has been released!

This is the MV of NCT 2020 “90’s Love” released at 18:00 on November 23rd.

In concept photos and teaser, ice hockey uniforms were attracting attention.

There was a lot of powerful dance, and it was a song that was fun just to listen to.

Jeno danced at the center at the beginning was cool.

You can hear the new member Sungchan’s rap, and next Mark’s rap was also really cool!

At the climax, I was overwhelmed by the vocals of Haechan and Ten.

There was a scene where Winwin and Yangyang were playing a game, and they were cute.

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The “90’s Love” unit will appear in each music program and promote comeback activities.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of outfit and what kind of performance will be shown!

Please check out the future activities of NCT 2020 ♪