NCT127 Jaehyun has a tattoo on his neck! ?

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NCT127 will make a comeback with the repackaged album Neo Zone The Final Round on May 19.

The title song is Punch.

Teaser video has been released one after another.

On May 7th, the 2nd player was released.

This is the published “Neo Zone The Final Round: Warm Up 2nd Player”.

Unlike the first teaser, i felt a black and white, adult atmosphere.

In the teaser, a tattoo on Jaehyun’s neck became a hot topic.

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_ Ain’t Real Tattoos

A post shared by Jaehyun (@_jeongjaehyun) on

This is a photo posted to Jaehyun’s official Instagram page.

He showed me how he was drawing a cool picture like a tattoo.

It seems to be difficult to write on the neck, but i draw it well.

Jaehyun was also very handsome this time.

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NCT127 to make a comeback on May 19.

In addition, it is attention to the visual of NCT127 members who became cool.

I’m looking forward to the title song “Punch”♪