NCT DREAM Jeno and fromis_9 Jiheon are similar! ? At the MC of “INK K-POP Concert”, it was talked about that their smiles look exactly like !

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Quote from:NCT DREAM twitter
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“INK K-POP Concert” held on September 25th.

Many popular idols such as aespa, THE BOYZ, EVERGLOW, fromis_9, and NCT 127 have appeared.

NCT DREAM Jeno and fromis_9 Jiheon acted as MCs on the “INK K-POP Concert”!

This is the YouTube link of “INK K-POP Concert” posted on the official Twitter account of fromis_9.

Previously, Jeno was a regular MC for THE SHOW, so he did good MC too.

Fans have been talking about the similar smiles of Jeno and Jiheon!

When Jeno and Jiheon laugh, they are cute like dogs 😆

The two MCs were perfect, and I didn’t think it was their first time co-starring.

Let’s check out the performances of the idols at the “Incheon K-POP Concert” ♪