IZ*ONE Wonyoung and ENHYPEN Sunghoon will become new MCs of Music Bank!

Quote from:IZ*ONE instagram

Popular music program “Music Bank” broadcast in South Korea.

Various idols appear in the Music Bank every week.

IZ*ONE Wonyoung and ENHYPEN Sunghoon have been selected as the new MCs for Music Bank!

Wonyoung was born in 2004 and Sunghoon was born in 2002.

After the dissolution of IZ*ONE, Wonyoung has been promoting solo activities.

The other day, Wonyoung has recovered from the infection with the coronavirus and have resumed her activities.

It is speculated that Wonyoung will make her debut in a new girl group with Yujin.

On the other hand, Sunghoon debuted as ENHYPEN in 2019 and is becoming more and more popular.

Sunghoon belong to the same HYBE as TXT Soobin who is a MC of Music Bank now.

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The current Music Bank MCs OHMYGIRL Arin and TXT Soobin are called “Akong MC” and are two very popular people.

The special stage performed by Akong MC was especially popular, and they covered each other’s songs.

New MCs Wonyoung and Sunghoon will also perform a special stage, so I’m looking forward to their performance ♪