ENHYPEN members from I-LAND have been decided! Introducing popularity rankings and profiles !!

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The audition program I-LAND produced by Bang SiHyuk, the representative of Big Hit Entertainment.

The appearances of BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT also became a hot topic.

The debut members of the new group ENHYPEN have been decided from I-LAND!

This is the debut member of the new group ENHYPEN, which was decided in the final episode of I-LAND broadcast on September 18.

Introduce members in order of global voting ranking!

First place is Jungwon, who won 1,417,620 votes!

Born February 9, 2004, Jungwon is a 16 year old member from South Korea.

The second place was JAY, who won 1,192,889 votes!

Born April 20, 2002, JAY is an 18-year-old member from South Korea and the United States.

The third place was JAKE, who won 1,179,633 votes!

Born November 15, 2002, JAKE is a 17-year-old member from South Korea and Australia.

Niki came in 4th place with 1,140,728 votes!

Born December 9, 2005, Niki is a 14-year-old member from Japan.

Niki is the youngest member of ENHYPEN!

Niki is also the only Japanese member.

5th place is Heeseung, who won 1,137,323 votes!

Born October 15, 2001, Heeseung is a 18-year-old member from South Korea.

Heeseung was also famous as a member who was a candidate of TXT, so it was good to be able to make his debut as ENHYPEN!

6th place is SungHoon, who won 1,088,413 votes!

Born December 8, 2002, SungHoon is a 17-year-old member from South Korea.

SungHoon was a former figure skater and has the ability to be called “Korean Yuzuru Hanyu”.

And the last one chosen was Sunoo.

Sunoo has been selected by the producer.

Sunoo was a popular member from the first time, but it was surprising that he was announced at the end!

Born June 24, 2003, Sunoo is a 17-year-old member from South Korea.

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Seven members have been selected as members of the new group ENHYPEN.

It was a pity that Kei and Daniel, who were popular in I-LAND, were not selected.

I hope they will make their debut in a different group.

I’m looking forward to the future activities of ENHYPEN, whose debut has been decided!