Setlist is a hot topic! BTS performed “Dynamite”, “Make It Right”, “Spring Day”, “Boy With Luv” on iHeartRadio !!

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Quote from:iHeartRadio twitter
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BTS has released a new song “Dynamite” and has appeared in music programs all over the world.

BTS performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 19th.

The set list sung by BTS at the iHeartRadio Music Festival has become a hot topic!

Here is a video of BTS performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Not only the new song “Dynamite” but also “Make It Right”, “Spring Day”, “Boy With Luv”, a total of 4 songs were sung.

It was surprising to sing “Make It Right” and “Spring Day”!

The costumes were all different, and they all fit the concept of the song.

The set was also gorgeous, and it was a wonderful stage.

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Also pay attention to the cute performances of BTS members who change every time in the new song “Dynamite”.

At this iHeartRadio Music Festival, there was a slightly different performance.

Please check it out ♪