ENHYPEN Jay’s tattoo and back muscles are cool! What meaning of his tattoo? “Blessed-Cursed” teaser released!

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ENHYPEN will make a comeback with the new album “DIMENSION: ANSWER” on January 10th.

The title song is “Blessed-Cursed”, and ENGENE are expecting what kind of song it is.

Today, January 7th, the official teaser of ENHYPEN “Blessed-Cursed” has been released!

This is ENHYPEN Jay’s official teaser of”Blessed-Cursed” released on YouTube.

The poster of “Blessed-Cursed” was released before, and the dark concept was attracting attention.

The melody of the guitar was impressive and it had a rock atmosphere.

Jay is wearing a tight blue top and his back muscles are a hot topic among fans!

In addition, there was a tattoo on Jay’s face.

The tattoo says “cynical” .

Let’s check the meaning of the full MV of “Blessed-Cursed” ♪