ENHYPEN Jungwon has blue hair! His cool hair color is a hot topic!

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ENHYPEN formed by the audition program “I-LAND”.

ENHYPEN made a comeback activity with “Tamed-Dashed”, and it’s becoming more and more popular.

ENHYPEN Jungwon’s blue hair is a hot topic!

This is a photo of Jungwon posted on ENHYPEN’s official Instagram.

“blue vibe” and a blue heart emoji were posted together, and Jungwon’s face expression was also wonderful.

In the photos of ENHYPEN member released so far, Sung Hoon and Jake have blonde, Niki and Sunoo have black hair, and Heeseung has red hair.

And, Jungwon has blue hair, and all the members have colorful hair color!

Jungwon has never been active with blue hair, so I’m looking forward to his future activities 😆

In the photo of Jay posted with Jungwon, his hair color was a mix of black hair and blonde.

Let’s check the hair color of ENHYPEN members in the future activities♪