ENHYPEN’s roommates have changed! ? New room allocation in the dormitory are talking about!


ENHYPEN formed from the audition program “I-LAND”.

Recently, it was announced that six ENHYPEN members were infected with the coronavirus, and the other day, all of them have finally returned.

In V Live, which was broadcasted by all ENHYPEN members for the first time in a long time, the new room allocation of the dormitory attracted attention!

This is ENHYPEN’s V Live broadcasted on September 18th.

Celebrating the 1st anniversary of their debut, it was interesting to review the first V Live again and do reaction.

And about the new room allocation of the dormitory, until now all seven people were sleeping in one room.

The new roommates are Heeseung, Jay & Jake, and the rest of Sung Hoon & Sunoo & Jungwon & Niki!

I wondered if I chose the rooms in order of age, but it seems that they decided with rock-paper-scissors.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of episodes will be born with the new roommates 😆

Let’s check out ENHYPEN’s full album coming back soon ♪