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ENHYPEN’s Twitter changed on April Fool’s Day! ? Niki’s pet dog Bisco and Sunoo’s mint chocolate are cute !

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ENHYPEN was debuted from the popular audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN made their debut with “Given-Taken” in 2020 and won the rookie award.

ENHYPEN’s Twitter changed on April Fool’s Day!

This is ENHYPEN’s Twitter on April Fool’s Day.

The original ENHYPEN’s icon changed to a photo of Niki’s pet dog Bisco !

The twitter name also changed to “Bisco” and it was an interesting prank!

Niki tweeted about Bisco, so it seems to be a prank by Niki.

Following Bisco, ENHYPEN’s twitter changed to “Mint choco”.

It seems that Sunoo changed it to “Mint Choco”!

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ENHYPEN recently performed Block B’s “Very Good” in KCON: TACT 3 and became a hot topic!

It was a surprising song, and it was a really cool performance.

ENHYPEN’s comeback is expected, and I’m looking forward to ENHYPEN’s future activities ♪