ENHYPEN “Tamed-Dashed” MV released! Sunki(Sunoo&Niki)’s mysterious acting is a hot topic!

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ENHYPEN debuted in 2020, formed from the popular audition program “I-LAND”.

ENHYPEN won the rookie award in 2020, and also won the award at TMA2021 held the other day.

The MV for ENHYPEN’s new song “Tamed-Dashed” has been released!

This is the MV for ENHYPEN “Tamed-Dashed” released at 18:00 on October 12th.

The MV for “Tamed-Dashed” has already been talked about by the teaser.

The costume of the rugby uniform was refreshing, and I felt a different concept from the previous song “Drunk-Dazed”.

The beginning of the MV was from Niki.

Niki was trying to pick up a rugby ball on the ground.

After that, Jungwon and everyone appeared, and the rugby ball was the key to the MV.

When Sunoo touched the rugby ball, his arm started to show symptoms like bruises!

While everyone was in the umbrella, only Sunoo had no umbrella, and Sunoo’s mysterious acting is a hot topic.

Niki appeared again at the end of the MV and took the rugby ball that was on the ground somewhere!

Sunki (Sunoo & Niki) seems to be the key man of the MV of “Tamed-Dashed”.

Until now, ENHYPEN released “Given-Taken” and “Drunk-Dazed” with the concept of vampires, and the vampires concept may be related to the MV of “Tamed-Dashed”!

“Tamed-Dashed” is a very refreshing song, and ENHYPEN’s dance performance is very powerful.

Let’s check out the live performance of “Tamed-Dashed” ♪